Belize Educational Fund and Day in the Park Committee


Phyllis Hughes -- President

Joy Lucario -- Vice President

Sylvia Manderson -- Treasurer

Martha Pineiro-Miller -- Business Manager

Randolph Coleman -- Entertainment Director

Farid Rishmawy -- Entertainment Director

Bernard Nunez -- Marketing Director

Gladstone Taylor -- Marketing Director

Vincent Edwards -- Member

Ancilla Rishmawy -- Member

Gail Middleton -- Member


Belize Educational Fund and Day in the Park Committee makes contributions to charitable organizations or individuals in Belize and the Untied States.

Our Committee Efforts Include

Individual Scholarship here in the United States
Guinea Grass R.C. School
Guinea Pentecostal School
Salvation Army School
Cornerstone Foundation
Stella Maris School

Below are recent letters or emails received from some of those organizations.

----- Message from "Salvation Army" <*************@*********.*** > on

Thu, 24 Jan 2008 10:20:59 -0600 -----

To: "Phyllis Hughes" <*********@**********.*** >

Subject: Re: Award From the Belize Day in the Park Committee

Ms. Phyllis Hughes


Day in the Park Committee,

Dear Phyllis,

You will be pleased to note that I have received your money order for US

$500.00 towards the burgler bars project for the School. Thanks so much

for sending this donation to us.

I would like to send you our receipt but the address on your letter was not

too clear. Could you please send it to me by email so I can forward our

receipt to you. Thanks.

On a sadder note. Please note that we lost our Principal, Mrs. Barbara

Lino who died suddenly on Thursday the 10th. January, 2008. I conducted

the funeral on Sunday the 20th. January, 2008 which was so well attended

the church was packed to capacity and also the yard and street in fron the


She will be missed from our School.

You take care and I await the address requested above. May God bless you.

I remain yours in our Lord's service,

Errol A. Robateau


Regional Commander &

School Manager.


Belize Day in the Park Committee

And the Diana Mills Lord Scholarship Funds


The first child assisted is 4 years old and infected with the HIV virus. Some information on this case: couple of weeks ago I had an anonymous call about two girls.  I found them abandon in a room, after a bit of investigation I found out that the mother had died from aids and that the younger of the girls was infected she was severely malnourished and had a sever diarrhea. Any way presently the little girl is in the Belmopan hospital for over three weeks now, awaiting a cat scan, which is requested of   CF so the first amount of this funds will go the assist this child for the Cat Scan which cost Bze $390.00. The child has received the CT and I am now in process of assisting Human Services to find a home for her. I have spoken to her father who lives alone and is still in denial the he too is probably infected. I have spoken to the father’s landlady and she is willing to take care of the girls in the daytime until the father gets home in the evening. I will be visiting with this family constantly since they are now clients of ours to assist in anyway possible. Doctor Murry (the girl’s doctor) expressed his sincere gratitude for the CT, which was made possible with your contribution.

The second person assisted is a 19-year-old boy who is from San Antonio. Richard Mena comes from a very poor family who sells peanut. Richard worked on the little farm-harvesting peanut so his mother goes out to sell every day. Unfortunately Richard was bitten by a poisonous snake on his hand and is now unable to assist his mom. She came to us and we assisted him with getting him into CET (Center for employment training) so he can learn a skill. Richard only went as far Standard 6 in primary school. We found one person who paid $305.00 of his tuition and we got 225.00 from your funds to complete the total of 530.00. Richard is doing excellent in school. Without the support from the contributors for this young man to go school this would not have been possible for this family.


The third family to be assisted has been our client for over 5 years. They reside in Esperanza. Araceli is a 13-year-old girl who weighs about 50 pounds she has severe cerebral palsy she cannot eat and thing solid she lives on soft foods only when available. Her family again is considered extremely poor whenever possible we would solicit for donation for the family of milk, pampers, milk of magnesia, food, vitamin.

We also have a second family who has a child with cerebral palsy this single parent is also disable, she has only one arm. Her child is about 10-year-old and they live about 3 miles in the Cahal Pech area in San Ignacio. Both families receives assistance form us every Thursday (eggs rice, beans, meats anything available) what we call dry food. This is offered every Thursday of the week we issue out beans rice eggs veggies anything we received we redistribute on Thursday. Items for both of these families cost $200.00. With additional contribution we can assist with vitamins, milk of magnesia and any doctor visits or medication that is need.

Norma Reynoso is a single parent with 4 children between the ages of 3mths to 8years. She again is extremely poor she lives in a little room and has a firehearth out side to cook when it rains she cannot cook. Two of the younger children was severely ill, one with a kidney infection and the other with ear problem who needs a surgery. We offered some assistance in the form of medication, transportation to take the children to Melchor to obtain the medical assistance needed. Which would not be able to be done here because of the cost. The operation on the 3 months old baby was done. Ms. Norma said and I quote " I was at a loss where I just sat down and cried and cried because my family had abandon me because the children were fathered by a Guatemalan man". She said that a friend told her about Cornerstone so she came for help. "I thank God because around that time the babies were sick I found snakes in my house among my clothes and my babies where I lived and I have nothing to eat so I did not send my children to school. I know I need the help but could not think of anyone". When a friend told me about CF I immediately went to see Ms. Anna. Ms. Anna explain how she can help people in need and told me that she will take picture to send to the people whose money is used to help me. We provided her also with a stove she can use inside. Presently her children are all doing fine and going to school. Ms Norma thanks you for your generous contribution.

Your contribution has really made a significant difference in the lives of many. The Cornerstone Foundation would like to take this opportunity to extent a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the board of directors, staff, and volunteers.

Attached is the cash monitoring form that is our financial report, photos of recipients and receipts, which will be sent to you via airmail. Once again a special thank you to the Belize Day in the park committee and the Diana Mills Lord Scholarship Funds.

Submitted by:


Anna Silva

CEO Date: 25 June 2007

For information on The Cornerstone Foundation visit their web site at